Lola's birthday is coming up and she wants to put a spin on the normal bday activities. In the past she's done the "donations to charity" thing-a-ma-bobber where kids would opt-out of presents for Lola and opt-in to bringing donations to the local shelter. This year we're gonna have so much fun with PET PICS and 50% of the proceeds will go to a local animal charity or shelter. More info below.

So here's the gist:

Date - Saturday February 12th

Cost - $125

  • Includes entire pet gallery with download rights
  • Up to 2 pets (additional pets +$25)
  • Absolutely NO biters of any kind
  • Humans are welcome to be in some images...but not ALL...its really about the pets here.

Examples of backgrounds (solid black is also an option but not shown here):

America Stripes

Dark Flowers

Burnt Orange


Example images of in studio sessions below.