I don't know about you, but I'm super duper done with school photo large chains. As a parent I always felt so irritated when that dumb photo form came home and I was asked to purchase images THAT I HADN'T EVEN SEEN (and probably already knew would be crappy) I'm here to help.

PARENTS: I never charge you in advance for anything. If you don't like/want your kiddo's school I know you will. If you want a change in your school's imagery - let your teachers and administrators know and send them this webpage.

I also offer school pics in my studio from time to time...follow me on socials for those popup dates.

SCHOOLS: Let's talk! I have recommendations from other schools that I am currently working with. Your moms and dads will love you for the change!!!


...for schools or parents! Let's take a look-see at the BHP PROCESS:


That's just a fancy way of saying "Let's talk about what you want & can I come see your school?"

I'll be looking for a spot to photograph the little cuties without being in the way of your school day.

I will go over my style and let you know that all my backdrops are simple and classic - Solid colors unless you'd like to do a "theme".


After we get the consultation done and you pick really pick me...we can email about dates and schedule. The schools I work with now usually have me schedule two days during the same week.

I can provide you with a PDF form for parents to review w/package pricing + give parents an idea of what the background will look like...Normally very simple.


I like to get access to your school the day before picture day to setup. Then on picture day just bring those little ones in like a herd of cattle or cats...either works for me.

Once images are ready in a few days I will send the administrator or main teacher an email. Every school gets their own password protected gallery and each class has a dedicated section with pics. No orders are required upfront...parents buy what they want directly from the gallery and all orders are mailed directly to more take home orders from school.