Planning for YOU in 2022

The best measure of what works is what works on you. In this "career" of mine I've been through several stages in life:

  • we're getting married
  • we're married
  • we're having a baby
  • we have toddlers
  • our kids hate us
  • we're cool with our older kids again (current stage)

Throughout, I've focused my photography on said stages and based things on what I'd want. Now that I'm entering into a time where my girls are basically grown and headed out the door in a few years, its time for ME. This "coming back to YOU" stage makes me wanna workout, actually wash and fix my hair, and feel sexy again...but only for like 3 hours because heels suck, bras suck, and fixing my hair is a lot of effort that the hubs doesn't even notice. But we're not doing all this shit for HIM...we're doing it for us now. I want an image and experience that makes me feel me something I can look back to and be proud of.

The Loving You sessions will be what I would want for myself. A day where I and a few friends (if you want...riding solo is cool too) look great, have a few clothing options (or nearly no clothes at all...your choice), feel all sexy, get my hair and makeup done, and make some gorgeous images. More info coming soon.