Working with Unicorns - the Magic AND Safety!

Hey homies - so my Summer is winding down (thank god) which means GOOD BYE unicorn sessions…I’m silently weeping. I love love love working with animals in my shoots - from dogs, cats, horses, and now even unicorns. My Unicorn Sessions are super popular and usually book up within hours of me posting my dates. And yes, they’re magical and gorgeous, but make no mistake…these sessions ARE HARD. Little girls aren’t always butterflied and sunshine (like me, i’m more hot mess and caffeine) and don’t even get me started on what type of divas the unicorns can be. Just like us all…we have our days.


I wanted to give you a quick glimpse on how I personally keep everyone safe when working with these divas…I mean Unicorns. Kidding…but serious. These are large animals - 400-500 pounds in my guestimation so having little kids around them requires ATTENTION. I would NEVER just plop a kid on a horse and walk away, “Well good luck kid. You look great in your princess dress…now act like a cowgirl and grip with your legs!”

NO! Be safe and never let your handler leave that little sweetie’s side. Here’s the above image’s raw shot:


I would like to introduce Cowboy Tim (CT). Yeehaw. The unicorn is Athena - who I have used in ALL of my unicorn sessions. She’s a professional, great with kids, and I’ve come to “know” her a bit from working with her. She and I have a lot in common…this girl likes to eat…same girl…same…

For this shot the lighting was overcast (which I love) and to torture poor Unicorn Athena even more than usual I thought “let’s stick her in a field of clover and alfalfa! What could go wrong?!”

To say the least, Athena wanted to eat and eat and eat and eat….which made CT’s job hard. Poor guy was sweating his ass off by the end of the day. He’s super duper. Below is a video showing how I use Photoshop’s PEN TOOL to take handler’s out of the shot:

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