What to wear Little Mommies!

Have you ever struggled with what you’re going to wear for your photo session? Yeah its the number 1 question I get…and my advice - no stress and dress yourself first. Yes - PUT YOURSELF FIRST! If mom is feeling gorgeous and goooooood - then dad could basically be in a potato sack and the session will still be FABULOUS. No lie.

Bailey’s Blossoms have some pretty cute mommy and me outfits right now that I’m in love with. Check it here.

Even H&M is getting in on the Mommy and Me thing. More here.

Then of course there’re one of my most favorite places to waist vast hours searching for shit that I’ll probably never buy - ETSY!!!

I did stumble upon a great Mommy and Me store on Etsy called Little Mia Bella. Look how cute!

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