THE most amazing memory you will ever capture for your family! HANDS DOWN.

Full disclosure - so far in my 10+ year career I have had the privilege to cover two births. Life changing to say the least. I am not a seasoned vet by any means, however, this work is some of the most meaningful memories I have captured for families.

When my daughters viewed this work they asked “Where are our birth videos?”

Oh man…what a regret! What a special memory these babies will have - seeing their first birthday. CHILL BUMPS!




THE COST - $925

This cost covers THREE shoots + final video.



Maternity shoot (around 30 weeks), birth session, & the fresh 48 at home.



We meet when you have a bun in the oven (prior to 25 weeks) to discuss the logistics of your baby’s birth day. We discuss how much coverage you want, when I’ll be in the room and when I should leave, how comfy you are with your own nudity and images, and the general flow of the birth day. We schedule your first shoot - the maternity session.


This is a quick session showing off your gorgeous pregnant body (and yes I know you won’t feel gorgeous…its all good…you’ll thank me later). I highly recommend your partner come to this too. Again, its quick, painless, AND required for final video. What to wear - maternity dress if you have one and/or you can also rent from Rainey’s Closet. Don't be afraid to show a little skin…I’ll cover you as needed with posing and the partner.


Like your doctor, I’ll be ON-CALL starting a week prior to your due date. That means when you feel like you’re having contractions - text me. When you’re heading to the hospital - text me or call no matter the hour. Heck…I’ll probably start texting you during your due date week for updates on how you feel.

At the hospital - I am a fly on the wall. I try not to interact too much with “mom and dad” - just photograph the event.



After you and the baby wrap up at the hospital, birthing center, or home birth i’ll give you a few days to get settled at home. 2-4 days after the Birth Day I’ll come over and document baby’s life at home with its new family.

This is a lifestyle newborn family session. Siblings, parents, pets, etc are all welcome to be in this shoot…or it can be all about the baby. I do not do the bendy, feet under chin poses that some wizards do. If you would like this sort of newborn session please let me know prior to birth and I can give you recommendations.

So now…let’s talk about your baby’s birth day.